May 2nd Event at KCRP Officially Cancelled

May 2nd Event at KCRP Officially Cancelled


Bakersfield, CA (April 21, 2020) – The management at Kern County Raceway announced today that the May 2nd event is officially cancelled. 


“It goes without saying we want to open the gates and go racing,” stated KCRP’s Larry Collins.  “And we’re ready to adjust and get started with the ‘new normal’ to insure everyone’s well-being while at the racetrack.”


On March 17th, NASCAR made this official statement; NASCAR is mandating that there are not to be any NASCAR sanctioned races through May 3rd


As a NASCAR sanctioned track, KCRP must follow the NASCAR mandate and pay close attention to local, state or federal guidelines for hosting public events.


Each day that passes is one day closer to going racing, KCRP appreciates the continued support from its race teams, sponsors and fans as we all prepare for day when the gates of Kern County Raceway swing wide open and we’re all back together at the racetrack.


June 26th at 7pm - FIREWORKS SPECTACULAR & The SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series