CARS Tour West Competition Notes for March 16th

CARS Tour West Competition Notes for March 16th



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ATTENTION CARS Tour West Racers!

Rules and Race Procedures

Please Click Link Below for printable PDF version of the 2024 CARS Tour West Rules and Race Procedures.

Click Here for 2024 CARS Tour West Rules

& Race Procedures

As usual, please keep up to date on carstourwest.myracepass.comwhile our website is in development! 


Those who Pre-Entered for the original March 2nd date, please send email confirming your attendance for the upcoming March 16th zMAX CARS Tour West fueled by El Bandido Yankee Tequila Event. If you have not already filled out the March 16th entry blank, please click link below.

Click Here for CARS Tour West March 16th Entry Blank

Optional Test: Thursday, March 14th

As part of our March 16th Season Opener, we will be hosting an optional test day this Thursday, March 14th. After multiple inquiries requesting a Thursday track rental, track management made the decision to offer additional track time to all participants. The practice will take place on 1/2 mile AND the NEWLY RECONFIGURED 1/4 speedway for the following divisions: Pro Late Models (1/2 Mile), Legends (1/4 Mile), Enduros (Stock and Sport) (1/4 Mile), and Crow Vic Racers (1/4 Mile).

Gates open at 12 pm, with track hot 1 to 6 pm. The standard Practice Fee for 2024 is $150 for 1/4 Mile, $300 for 1/2 Mile per Car. This will be the case for Thursday’s optional test day, as well as Friday’s practice day. Please email info@kernraceway.com to reserve your spot!


Parking will be tight in the infield at Kern, please e-mail competitors@carstourwest.com any parking requirements/request. If you need to unhook let us know. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. No personal vehicles will be allowed in infield. No motorized carts or bikes.


Racecar inspection will be done behind your trailer on Saturday. The scales will be open Friday and Saturday for every ones use. It is your responsibility to be correct when you come thru for qualifying tech.


Race tires may only be purchased on the Friday or Saturday of the event weekend. Practice tires can come from home.

Race tires will be marked.

You may work on your RACE tires in the impound area on Friday night, but the tires must remain in the impound area until Saturday.

A Cars official will release race tires Saturday when the pit gate opens to competitors.

Competitors can pre order their tires, Kern Raceway will be serviced by Hoosier Tire West (559)485-4612 Josh


Spec Fuel for Cars West Pro Late Tour is SUNOCO 110 or E85

Each competitor must purchase a minimum of 15 gallons race fuel from the track at each event.

BREAK – At or Around Lap 50

Cars will stop on the apron of the front stretch. Once all cars are stop, officials will give the signal to crews to go to work. No floor jacks, minor adjustments will be aloud. Anything you can do without jacking car up. You must have a manned fire extinguisher if you plan to add fuel.

Monster Truck, Demo Derby, & More @ Night of Destruction This Saturday!CLICK TO BUY TICKETS