MODIFIED Reminders:

MODIFIED Reminders:

MODIFIED Reminders:


We have had a few questions regarding weights and other items in regards to the Spears Manufacturing Modified Series cars and the Kern County Raceway Series Modifieds – Here are some reminders:


For this weekend, the KCRP Modified teams will race together with the Spears Manufacturing Modified Series (one main event, but KCRP Modifieds will be awarded KCRP championship points based on how they finish in relation to other KCRP Modified drivers.)  The KCRP Modifieds will compete under the KCRP technical rules, and the Spears Manufacturing Modified Series will be governed by their rulebook. 


Additional Notes:


All Modified teams will be teched by the same officials.


TIRE RULE: The KCRP Mods will follow their KCRP Tire Rule and the Spears Manufacturing Modified Series will follow their Tire Rule as usual.


WEIGHTS: Weights for the Spears Manufacturing Modified Series car – 58.0% left side with driver:

  • Factory Sealed G 602 2400 lbs. 
  • Yellow Book Rebuild GM602 2450 lbs.
  • Open Engine 2600 lbs. with 1.000 restrictor. (Allstar Performance Governor)


Weights for KCRP Modifieds:

  • Minimum weight limit of 2,500 pounds, 58.0% left side with driver:

RACE PROCEDURES:  The race procedures for Saturday’s main event will follow the Race Procedures of the Spears Manufacturing Modified Series, click link:



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